My path has been story after story of progress.  My journey has been long and full of opportunities to serve. I have  been creating solutions in Boulder County since 1992:  working, teaching, volunteering, parenting and participating.

My name is Marta Loachamin and I am running as a community Legislator, a community Representative to lead Boulder County as your next District 2 Commissioner.

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your candidate for boulder county commissioner [District 2]


Why I'm running

I will be an authentic community voice in our political process.   As a Teacher, Self-employed business woman, Volunteer and Mother of 2, I have fought to bridge the sustainability gaps of housing, education, resiliency and economic mobility throughout Boulder County for 20+ years.  My proven role as a cultural broker positions me to cultivate solutions surrounding current issues that affect our families and neighbors.  I am dedicated to advocate on behalf of the hundreds of people who have shared their personal stories with me.  I will incorporate those testimonies  in my leadership, governance and decision making as a County Commissioner.

I love our town and am determined to collaborate to increase opportunities for all residents. I am proud to be a candidate for Boulder County Commissioner!

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I'm looking forward to continuing community conversations to hear about issues important to you in Boulder County.  Join me as we create progress locally with a fresh perspective in local decision making~

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