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Marta and Campaign Featured in Left Hand Valley Courier

Marta Opinion in Longmont Observer on COVID-response

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Marta Loachamin and Megill Stewart at the Truman Celebration 2019 in Boulder



Over the last 8 months since I decided to run for Boulder County Commissioner, I’ve joined in a variety of groups and organizations working in community projects and programs around the critical topics of health, climate, education, transportation, agriculture, housing and many others.

I keep noticing that in Boulder county, we are missing the YOUTH in these critical conversations.  Part of my story is looking back and reaching out- looking for a student who needs support, financial advice, encouragement or someone to open a first door of opportunity.

This past weekend I was thinking more into WHY I Am running for Boulder County Commissioner. As a single mother of two ELL students & a Teacher I have a passion for kids who work hard to succeed and do more in their communities.

I want youth input and participation in this campaign and further work so we can build together: the platforms and programs to build a sustainable future WITH youth voices at the table leading the conversation.

Leadership needs to include community voice and youth participation is how we will build a pipeline of uniquely qualified community leaders.

Sometimes we don't get a seat at the table.   I believe that all of community needs to be represented, encouraged and supported to LEAD.  The youth are our future and must have space to engage.  

Congratulations Megill Stewart!

 "I’m a 16-year-old Junior at Dawson School in Boulder County. Right now I’m taking AP Bio, AP Literature and Composition, AP US History, Honors Pre-Calculus, Spanish 4, Chemistry, and Black and White Photography. But big picture some of my academics goals are to get into Georgetown. From there I’m not sure whether I want to work to become a doctor, or work to become a judge. But in any case I’ve always been interested in politics and am very grateful that Marta would let me follow her on her campaign journey. "