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Platform issues

I have been working to protect community & will continue to focus on these areas:


A thriving community is only possible when

economic opportunity is equally available to

everyone. For over 20 years, I have fought to

ensure that all of our Boulder County

residents have the same access to housing

and the financing that makes that possible. I

spent years working to address the

generational wealth gap that exists. My

community voice is critical to include real life

stories of students, families and small

business owners as our County continues to


  • As a small business owner I know what hard work it is to create, develop and navigate systems.  I am a working family like many of our Boulder County residents. I have volunteered my time to assist the Latino Chamber of Boulder County, in developing that structure as well as sponsoring LasL3, a Spanish language Lunch and Learn format to support women creating and maintaining small business in Longmont.
  • Over the years I have been sought out to work with local chamber of commerce, real estate associations and economic development groups to review policies and structures and advise them about the ways to integrate all sectors of Longmont's business community as well as care for all workers throughout our community.   Advocating for partnerships and collaborations has been an important part of my work throughout Boulder County.
  • In 2004 I was invited to participate in the creation of a community bank focused on serving underrepresented residents in Colorado. The experience of building a company from the ground up with a team of 20 other Organizers required understanding of the banking system, national regulations, community needs and processes that are unique qualifications to use in my next role as County Commissioner.


A healthy community is visible, heard, able to

participate and is educated. Health & Human

services are critical to create options and

alternatives for all residents. My work with

Resiliencia Para Todos/Resiliency for All addressed health

and safety equity issues experienced by

residents of Boulder County after the Flood

of 2013. I will further partnerships with local

agencies that fight for community justice

issues, impacting holistic health and wellness; 

from access to healthy foods to

open space and parks.

  • 2018- Present: I have been facilitating a team in Human Centered Design work for the Community Foundation of Boulder County. As one cohort of four national teams we are learning a new methodology of engaging community to determine needs prior to development of programming. 
  • 2016-2018:  Climate change is affecting all of us. I Coordinated, as a Resiliency Specialist, a State grant from Division of Local Affairs, through the City of Longmont, on a data assessment of residents throughout Boulder County to determine barriers to access.  We found that those barriers exist not only during times of natural disaster, but also throughout all service sectors in our county.  I will use the community recommendations to inform work that will include community voices aligning with the County Commissioner vision of using an equity lens.
  • 2010-2015: I served community as a teacher completing a Practicum at Skyline High School , teaching overseas and locally in St. Vrain School District. During that time I was involved in creation of curriculum for Spanish for Spanish Speakers, development of Professional Development for all St. Vrain Educators on financial literacy and building a three tier Family Engagement program entitled Enlaces.


Accessible housing is demonstrated when we have

housing available at an attainable level for

the diverse members and unique

circumstances of our entire community. 

We must ensure that our public servants like

teachers and police can live in the same

community that they serve. I will continue to

address the issue of access to housing with

creative solutions and a housing expert

lens, as I have for 20 years as a sustainable

housing advocate.

  •  I have been a member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals for many years. Since 2014 I have been part of the Denver Metro Chapter Board of Directors fighting for access to mortgage for all residents who can qualify.  Our association lobbies in D.C. for credit access and programs that will open up more housing opportunities for all communities. 85-90% of my clients in the last 20 years are monolingual Spanish speakers and bilingual families. 
  • I sat on the City of Longmont Multicultural Action Plan Advisory Board for almost a decade in a variety of capacities: Chair, overseeing the budget to sustain a community strategic plan that I assisted in designing and Housing and Health Task Force Chair.  We worked on housing inspections and issues of access to affordable housing.  This work was highlighted at the All America Cities 2006 Competition where I served as a community delegate.

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My life has been about giving back to community.  I will continue to work for all members of Boulder County to address issues of Economic Opportunity, Healthy Community & Environment and Sustainable Housing.  Protecting our community is critical and the intersects of environment, social and economic issues deserve a new lens.

The role of the County Commissioner is one of governance, management and leadership.

I am honored to have been asked by community to run for this important race of local leadership, as your next Boulder County Commissioner.  I bring a unique and qualified LOCAL community voice and will continue to support your needs and interests.  Contact me now to get involved!