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Announcing the youth leadership scholarship

Marta testifying at the Boulder County Commissioners office regarding Oil & Gas Dev. Moratorium

Join me Sept 21st!


Over the last 8 months since I decided to run for Boulder County Commissioner, I’ve joined in a variety of groups and organizations working in community projects and programs around the critical topics of health, climate, education, transportation, agriculture, housing and many others.

I keep noticing that in Boulder county, we are missing the YOUTH in these critical conversations.  Part of my story is looking back and reaching out- looking for a student who needs support, financial advice, encouragement or someone to open a first door of opportunity.

This past weekend I was thinking more into WHY I Am running for Boulder County Commissioner. As a single mother of two ELL students & a Teacher I have a passion for kids who work hard to succeed and do more in their communities.

I want youth input and participation in this campaign and further work so we can build together: the platforms and programs to build a sustainable future WITH youth voices at the table leading the conversation.

So here is the INVITATION: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is going to be in Boulder on Sept 21st and I want YOU to join me.    I believe that all of community needs to be represented, encouraged and supported to LEAD.  

So here’s your homework :)

Boulder County STUDENTS:

Create a short video answering two questions

  1. How does AOC inspire you to engage locally?
  2. What do I, MARTA, as a Boulder County Commissioner Candidate, need to know to ensure your voice is properly represented in 2020?

Post your 1-2 minute video!  

Tag your video to my facebook page @MARTA4boco

Challenge is MOST video shares and likes

Deadline is Sept 14th 5pm MST

Leadership needs to include community voice and youth participation is how we will build a pipeline of uniquely qualified community leaders

We'll choose our YOUTH LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Sept 18th SO don’t miss it!


Sometimes we don't get a seat at the table.   I believe that all of community needs to be represented, encouraged and supported to LEAD.  The youth are our future and must have space to engage.  

Join my campaign for Boulder county commissioner as we celebrate Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ visit to Boulder County on September 21st.   There are a few rules and deadlines so don’t miss the opportunity to join the Boulder County Democratic Party Truman Celebration.


  • 1-2min video
  • Must answer both questions listed above
  • Must be Boulder County resident and student
  • Age: 16-23 (videos of under 18 must include a statement that parent/guardian has given participation to participate)
  • Video must be tagged on my facebook page to @Marta4boco by WED 9/18  5pm MST
  • Winner must have own transportation to event on September 21st and agree to stay for entire event 5:30pm-9:00pm.
  • Winner must stay with MARTA 2020 campaign team and agree to only wear MARTA 2020 campaign promotional wear
  • Rules subject to change should an event outside of candidate’s control occur or event is cancelled or changed for unexpected reasons

SEPTEMBER 16th Youth Leadership Scholarship to attend the Truman Celebration will be announced!